Tutorial Links updated!

I’ve updated the list of tutorials here to include up to date links, check them out by clicking “Tutorials” on the menubar or by visiting http://mikumikubeat.wordpress.com/tutorials/ if you’d raher do it the fun way.

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Beat Answers your Questions #2

Beat Answers your Questions #2

I answered a few other questions back in June, and here are some more inquiries by the readers!

What happened to your YouTube channel?

The original one no longer exists. I tried avoiding the Google+ migration for as long as I could, in the end my inbox was dead. Nothing coming in or going out, plus the downgrade feature offered by Google was broken (I wonder why?) I don’t even think I can like…

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Maya to MMD Process (For Accessories)

Maya to MMD Process (For Accessories)

If you’re lucky enough to have access to Maya, especially if you prefer it’s features & toolsets (I still love Blender, Sketchup & Meta, just that Maya’s modelling tools are something I’ve grown fond of), then you may wish to be able to convert the models you make into accessories. Don’t worry, I’ll also be covering how to prepare models at some point, as there’s a Maya to PMD pluginI still want…

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Can you make a model of me?

Possible.. when I learn to model better and am less lazy?

Can you make a model thing of Aiji-san?


Can you beat box?

Never tried

Now available for download here.

Now available for download here.


Minecraft Hostile Mobs, Creeper (V1.0) and Enderman (V1.0 & V2.0). See Youtube or http://mikumikubeat.wordpress.com/downloads/ for details

Coming Soon…

Coming Soon…